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Successful Lead Generation

There’s a lot more to establishing your business than being an expert in making or doing whatever it is you make or do.

A problem common to many small business owners is that you usually carry the burden of being the bookkeeper, PR, research department, production manager, skilled labour, marketing and sales, delivery, cook, sweeper and chief bottle washer.

One of the most important aspects of establishing your business for the long term is learning how to develop and nurture good sales leads. A few ‘good clients’ are worth more and are more enjoyable to work with than many ‘bad clients’. So when you put your efforts into generating new sales leads it’s worth deciding who you want to work with first and then how you’re going reach them.

Brian Carroll's Start with a Lead: Eight Critical Success Factors For Lead Generation

Brian Carroll’sStart with a Lead: Eight critical success factors for lead generation” is a free e-book and A MUST READ for anyone starting out or looking to mature their business development. Brian has broken down the process of lead generation and clearly illustrated in diagram the eight critical success factors for lead generation (page 22).

For someone like myself, coming from a web design perspective, this e-book really opened my eyes to lead generation. Since reading it (and re-reading it) I’ve identified marketing and sales mistakes I’ve made in the past, now never to be repeated. It’s also helped me combine the fragments of positive lead generation I had instinctively used; giving me more focus and control over my business.

Go to Brian’s blog to download “Start with a Lead: Eight critical success factors for lead generation”. I’m already beginning to see positive results from putting Brian Carroll’s lead generation ideas into action, I think you will too.

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