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Build Effective Websites #1

Websites That Work

Your website is an essential tool for marketing your business on-line but you could be losing business because your website does not communicate your service clearly and quickly.

This article focuses on quickly confirming to your visitor that they have found a site related to their search.

Pitch To Me – You’ve Got 5 Seconds!

To be as effective as possible, visitors should get a clear indication about your line of business within the first 5 seconds of your webpage loading. That’s not always easily done.

What follows are some tips and tricks that I’ll share with you to help you make your website communicate your message quickly and more effectively.

Fast Load Time

Not everyone has a broadband connection and those who don’t are not going to wait for your beautiful bandwidth heavy website to load. Most will never see your splendid site, they’re busy browsing your competitions’ website that completely loaded in under 10 seconds.

Point is, make your site fast loading, compress your images skilfully and focus your text on your core goals.

Spell It Out For Them

Be obvious with your main headline text. Lets say you’re business is based in Ireland and you sell bathtubs, you might want a main header that states ‘Irish Bathtub Suppliers’.

Now look at it from the searchers perspective; “I’m interested in buying a new bathtub, I wonder if this site that is currently loading actually deals in bathtubs?” Now, in big text one of the first elements of your site that loads clearly states…

Irish Bathtub Suppliers

The visitor thinks, “Looks like I’m in the right place! I’ll have a quick look at this site…”

Now there’s a chance this potential customer is thinking of purchasing the bathtub on-line or maybe ordering over the phone. Now she probably does not want to travel the length of the country just to pick up her bathtub; she’s probably thinking, “I wonder if they will deliver to my home?” You can combat this doubt with a little tag line below your main header:

Irish Bathtub Suppliers

We Deliver Nationwide

You get the point. Say it clearly and pre-empt the basic questions your prospective customer might have about your service and offer solutions. I think as a bathtub supplier in Ireland we’ve at least got the visitors attention and they’re going to have a quick look at our site before deciding to stay or move on.

Another good idea is to let visitors know that you want them to feel free to contact you. “Call us today at 01 45454545, we’re here to help!” This and similar text helps build trust in your business and they feel like they’re actually dealing with human beings! Of course, if you can’t ensure someone will answer their phone call, and be polite and helpful, you would omit this option – its just an example.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Using the same principle as above ‘spell it out for them’, it’s a good idea to give them a visual too.

Integrate into your logo, or somewhere in your website banner, a picture of a bathtub. Now the visitor reads text that says ‘Bathtub’ which is accompanied by a picture of a bathtub. You’ve just re-enforced the subject of your site and the visitors brain has just reconfirmed that it’s in the right place. The visitor is saying “yes” and “yes” again to your website. Simple but effective.


The Principles Are The Same

The example we’ve used readily applies to websites that sell recognisable products such as bathtubs, garden furniture, sports shoes and so on. If you are selling a service that is more difficult to nail down, such as web services, you’ll have a little more work to do but the principles are the usually the same.

You have to hold the visitor’s attention long enough to promote your service or product to them – start with clear, quick and effective communication through your website.

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