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MODx Content Management System (CMS)

MODx Content Management System

MODx CMS allows website owners to add text, links and images to their website whenever they want.

No More Expensive Website Updates

Content Management Systems (CMS) are the long-term cure to a persistent headache. Website owners feel the pinch when paying web professionals 30/50 Euro an hour just to add a couple of links to their site or upload a few lines of text and a photo!

Those charges quickly add-up and for a lot of people there’s little they can do except pay. I’m not coming down on web professionals here, I am one, but for small businesses these outsourced website updates can be a real drain on finances. MODx eliminates that on-going expense for website owners because it allows you to publish directly to the Internet with an easy to use content management system interface.

How To Use MODx (in brief)

  • Login to MODx and refresh (f5) your webpage; a small menu appears and the various regions of your webpage are made accessible to edit.

    MODx Content Management System - Quick Edit Fields

  • Through the menu options you can now edit text, add images, add links, change page title tags and have a host of other options at your disposal.
    MODx CMS Edit Fields

  • Once happy with the changes or new content added, click OK. The Word like editor closes and once the page is refreshed the new changes can be viewed.
  • That’s it! Congratulations, your new content is published to the Internet without the headache I mentioned earlier :).

More Good News About MODx CMS

MODx is FREE! MODx is open source which means it’s free to use. There’s a fast growing community of web developers and website owners switching over to MODx because of it’s ease of use. BTW, New Odyssey have set-up a new forum dedicated sharing MODx tips and tricks. Why not drop by and say hello on the new Irish MODx CMS forum.

MODx CMS Sounds Great, What’s The Catch?

So MODx is probably the solution that a lot of small businesses and sole traders are crying out for, but what’s the catch?

Well, despite MODx being freely available to anyone to use, you will probably need a web professional to install it on your web server and blot it to your website. There’s that headache again! Well kind of, the difference is that this headache is a once off, and when it’s gone you’ll feel much, much better.

REDUCE Website Expenses…

MODx ‘Install and Bolt’ is something New Odyssey do for people on a daily basis and we’ve yet to hear any regrets. If you’re used to paying your web specialist to make updates on your site three or four times a month the ‘Install and Blot’ service we offer will pay for itself pretty quickly. You’ll see the savings add up every time YOU update your website after that.

MODx is really easy to use but we offer support just encase you need any questions answered. Leave a comment with your email address if you’re interested and I’ll be in touch; it costs nothing to ask but the savings you’ll make using MODx CMS will be noticeable.

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