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Help With Irish Tax Returns?

Irish Tax Help

No body likes paying tax or making tax returns, and at least once a year every SME that makes their own returns via ROS will have a tough week or two trying to figure out the figures. Unless you are an accountant you could probably do with a little help.

Irish Revenue Office and ROS

Ok, ROS (Revenue On-line Service) is not too difficult to use, you can make enquiries about setting up an account at Revenue.ie. (Don’t fear, the Revenue people are easy to work with and extremely helpful so ask them any questions that you need clarification on.)


If you really need help untangling your tax affairs you might contact FixMyTax.com. “…FixMyTax.com, primarily for small and medium businesses and individuals needing assistance with their Irish Tax issues.” There’s lots of useful tax advice and up-to-date information on their site that’s worth an hour or two of your time. They also have a blog at http://taxaxed.blogspot.com/.

Irish Accountants

If sorting your tax is a huge problem for you it would be advisable to secure the services of an accountant. Call a few up and arrange a meeting (first meeting is usually free), and find one that suits your business and your personality (you’ll be trusting these people with important aspects of your business, it would be an advantage if you liked them!). You’ll find a lot of …interesting?…information on accountants here http://www.icai.ie/

Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland

Remember, accounting can be fun, enjoy your tax returns!

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