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Content Tip For Bloggers With Bloggers Block!

New Blog Content Topics Without Brain Strain

Blogging every day can be tough creatively but this tip will help you produce fresh articles without straining your brain too much (or tormenting your muse till they just can’t take it no more!).

Blogger Brain Strain

Ok I’m new to blogging and you’re probably thinking, “what does he know?” Not much I must admit (in general) but I’m learning…but seriously folks, this tip will help get those blog content topic juices a-flowing.

Step 1 – You Need One Idea

I’ve been working on a blog post about buying domain names and as I came close to completing it I realized that there were some web tools I mentioned in the post that would need to be explained to my loyal reader(s) – thanks mom.

My blog is aimed primarily at small business owners and other people that want or need to learn how to optimise their website, manage their website or find useful web tools online. It’s important that I explain the tools so that they can decide if they want to try them out or not.

Step 2 – Start Big!

I realized while writing this post about a domain buying tip that I actually need to write at least one post per web tool that I mention in that post. That’s at least five days of posts at one post per day born out of a single idea for one big post. BTW, This post that you’re reading was inspired by the original big post idea too, yes really.

Step 3 – Now Go Small

Now I have a list of mini-posts that I really need to write and release before the post idea that sparked it all off. One big idea has given me several small, little, tiny ideas for really useful posts.

Step 4 – Let It All Out

So, next thing to do is actually write all the little posts and post them at least one a day until you get to the main post idea you started out with. Make sure you have linked to all the small posts from the relative parts of the main post and “bob’s your uncle”.

Step 5 – Ta-da! Now Repeat…

Now you have several stand-alone posts that connect with each other and give the reader all the information they require to understand what the hell it is you’re talking about.

Because there was less creative pressure on your brain and your muse you are fresh enough to come up with another single big idea to get the ball rolling again.

Hope this helped, leave a comment if there’s something on your strained brain, good luck!

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