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Creative Tools For Bloggers with Bloggers Block!

This post is connected to an earlier post of mine “Content Tips for Bloggers with Bloggers Block!” and was part inspired by Ric Richardson’s post “Lifehack for the creative: Muse station for brainstorming

Bloggers, Back to Basics, Back I Tells Ya!

Bloggers back to basics

If you want to be creative or expand on ideas I suggest you switch off your PC (not right now, wait till you’ve finished reading this post) grab a pen a paper and start work. PC’s are great for delivering ideas in a finished format but usually not for creatively developing a topic.

Inventor Ric Richardson I think would agree. Ric has come up with a portable Muse Station, a hard back board ideal for quickly jotting down and working on ideas.

Okay, we’ve seen something similar to this before but I think Ric is just reminding us that getting back to the basics may be all we need to unleash the creative juices once more.

Leave Room For Spin-Off Ideas And Other Topics

I usually write or design on paper before even firing up the computer. I always leave a margin for spin-off ideas and other topics that occur to me while I work which is a great source for future posts or designs.

I recently realized this creative resource while working an idea on paper that has lead to several blog topics without too much hard work. The first post I wrote “Content Tips for Bloggers with Bloggers Block!” might be of interest to all you bloggers suffering the dreaded Bloggers Block.

Backlog Of Ideas

Anyway, whether designing websites or writing for blogs I think Ric Richardson’s Muse Station is something we should all have close to hand, you never know when inspiration will strike… and when it doesn’t you’ll already have a backlog of ideas to run with.

If you’d like to say something about this post don’t bottle up, let it out! Happy Blogging!

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