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Go Way Back In Time To A World Without CSS and AJAX

This post is related to my previous post “Content Tips for Bloggers with Bloggers Block!“, read it and all will be clear.

Way Back Machine - Internet Archive

Fun With The Way Back Machine

Internet Archive have been archiving websites since 1996 right up to today. They’ve managed to archive over 85 million websites so far and counting.

Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine is a window into the Internet’s colourful past, allowing us to travel back in time to visit websites that are now only a distant memories (and archived in the Way Back Machine of course – not that distant really). For some website designers those old defunct websites are best left to rest, but to our eternal embarassment people can still get a glimsp of those table hack websites with nasty JavaScript of yester-year.

Enough Talking Time To Travel Back In Time…

I found one of my very first websites on the Way Back Machine and it’s not as bad as I thought it was. Join me on a trip back to May 24th, 2002.

  • First, go to the Way Back Machine
  • Enter the URL http://www.socialistparty.net (BTW, I’m not a socialist, they had to pay me)
  • Hit the ‘Take Me Back’ button (you are now travelling back in time…)
  • You should now be able to see the search results, click on May 24 2002, the date I worked on the site
  • Result, the site is loaded, all-be-it without some graphics that I guess were deleted from the server at some time.

Lets Be Practical

Okay, this is the kind of web tool that I could spend hours playing with but it’s not just for fun, yes, it has a practical use too.

Tip: If you’ve lost information from a website because you saved over it or whatever, it might be worth checking the Way Back Machine to see if the pages were archived prior to you totally destroying them (I just checked one of my websites and it was last archived May of this year).

With luck you’ll be able to retrieve the website content you’re looking for and get on with the rest of your life.

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