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Blog Categories – Less Is More Focused (SE’s Perspective) #1

Less Blog Categories Better Than More?

This post is one of three that deals with blog categories and asks whether having less blog categories is better than having more. This post takes a look at the issue from a Search Engine’s perspective (and is based on my own theory only).

Spiders Love Blog Categories

Who Gets No.1 In Search Engines?

So, lets say someone has searched for the term “red cabbage”. The search request is sent to the search engine and bots are dispatched to crawl for suitable results.

A bot finds lots or results for the search term and begins the process of separating the wheat from the chaff. The search finally comes down to two blogs. Which will the bot reward with the coveted number 1 placement for the search results?

All Things Being Equal

Well, for arguments sake we’ll say that both blogs have posts of equal quality on the subject of “red cabbage” but there is one noticeable difference between them.

While one blog has multiple categories, almost a category for each post (a category for red cabbage, one for greyhound cabbage etc.) the other blog has only a handful of categories, all related to the topic of cabbages. In this second blog the post about “red cabbages” is categorized under ‘Cabbages’ along with 39 other posts about cabbages.

Here’s The Science Bit (Not)

Now I’m no Google bot but if I was and if I wanted to keep my job I’d go for the blog that was focused on the search term and that had more related posts in that same parent category.

To me 40 posts about cabbages in one category ‘Cabbages’ comes across as being more specialist than one post under category ‘red cabbage’.

This is a theory of course. I’d welcome other bloggers opinion on this.

Next Thrilling Instalment…

My next post is based on my personal experience (fact not theory) and will deal with the human side of blog categories and argues that less is more when it comes to writing blog posts.

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