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Blog Categories, Less Is More Focused #3

This is the last of three posts about blog categories and why less is sometimes more. Previously we’ve looked at blog categories from the perspective of search engine placement and the blogger’s perspective in relation to focus and avoiding bloggers block. Now let’s approach it from the third and equally important perspective, the reader.

Blogger Ego

Your Blog Is Not About You It’s About Your Reader, blah-blah…

How many times have I come across that statement or something along that vein? Don’t believe it. Your blog is all about you, your interests and your passions. You’re writing for yourself. When you get more traffic to your blog it makes you happy. It may even make you some money. You You You, your blog is for YOU!

What About The Reader?

You and your blog need your readers to keep the blog alive. You know the saying, “people speak just to hear themselves speak” is only partially correct. We also speak because we want other people to hear us too. We want other people to respect our opinions, to see us as being interesting or witty or insightful or whatever.

That’s why blogging is so appealing to the masses; we want someone to listen to us, ya’ hear me?

Blogger’s Ego – Readers Required

So now that we have identified the needs of the blogger we now know that the reader is essential to the growing needs of the blogger’s ego (which expands with every new visitor and deflates with a drop in numbers). The reader has the power to make or break you, to turn you into a quivering mess, so best to make things as easy for them as possible if you want them to come back to your blog.

Important, Readers Time Is At A Premium

How do we do that? Well one way is to make it easy and quick for them to find what the hell it is they are looking for. If they are reading your blog on their 45minute lunch break, chances are you’re not the only virtual destination on their list so time is important.

Lot’s of blog categories means lots of scanning and looking for one of interest. When the reader finds one they think fits the bill they click it, wait for it to load, have a quick scan of the posts and decide if this is what they are looking for; if not it’s back to scanning. If this goes on the frustrated reader will be off checking their mail, looking in recruitment sites and so on.

Speed Up The Selection Process And They May Read A Post

Just make it easy for your readers by staying focused on your topics as part of a single theme and by keeping your blog categories to the minimum. This will make the reader’s selection process much faster, won’t offer too many distractions and they may actually read a post or two instead of just browsing your blog categories.

Remember, if you want your readers to admire your intellect, your humour, your humanity, they have to read your posts first!

Dear Reader…

Show me some love, make a comment and turn me into an egotistical monster!

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  1. bon508
    July 24, 2007 at 3:16 pm

    Excellent 3-part series, Peter. Very good tips (and I love your writing style!). I definitely will take a fresh look at my categories now.

    BTW, what’s your opinion on filing a post under more than one category (i.e., an article with SEO tips for blogs might be filed under both “SEO” and “Blogging”)?

    Great blog you got here! 🙂


  2. July 24, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    Well Bonnie, flattery will get you everywhere! Let your comment be an example to the rest of the Blogging community that would love to show me some love but just can’t find the words! I can’t blame them for being speachless really…:)

    Anyway, I’m delighted you liked the series. As for your question, I tend to use more than one category when it makes sense to do so, but it’s probably best to restrict your filing under just one category when possible.

    It’s kinda’ like having only so much jam but the bread keeps getting bigger with each category, SE’s and readers might think you’re spreading yourself a little tin.

    Keep on blogging!

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