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Domain and Hosting Sign-up Tip For Newbies

November 12, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Save Yourself The Hardship A Year From Now

This is a domain and hosting sign-up tip for newbies to web development. Following this simple instruction could save you a lot of hardship a year from now. Read on or be damned …

Buying Domain Name and Hosting

So, you’ve finally figured out how to build a basic html page with notepad and display it in a browser (remember save with .html as your file extension instead of the default .txt – it is amazing how many HTML books neglect to tell readers to do this!).

You’re now beginning to understand the boundless possibilities of the powers you newly possess as a “webmaster”, good for you. There’s a lot to learn but it ain’t rocket science, not yet anyway. Now you’re probably looking towards setting up your own website. That usually means buying hosting and a domain name.

Here’s the web tip, when signing up for a domain and hosting you’ll be asked to supply a contact email address. Be sure to use a free email address that you will always have access to. If you have a Hotmail or Gmail account that will do, there’s lots of other accounts you can use. It’s important that you use an email account that you access regularly.

This last point is important because when the time comes to renew your domain and or hosting accounts for another year the notice will be sent to the email account you nominated at the time of sign-up. If you miss this notification because your email address is defunct or rarely accessed your renewal will not be made and your hosting, and more importantly, your domain will expire.

Take It From One Who Learned The Hard Way

If this happens someone else might buy your domain and you’re out of luck. This happens all the time and can have a devastating effect on your business. Think about it,

  • you’ll have to change your domain name on printed advertising (expensive)
  • find a new less suitable domain name (bummer)
  • contact all your existing clients to notify of the change in email and domain (major hassle)
  • the list goes on…

Take it from one who learned the hard way many years ago, I was that soldier.

This has been a domain and hosting Sign-up tip for newbies, all the best.

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