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Cheap Websites Make Perfect Online Business C.V.s

Yes it’s true, cheap websites make perfect on-line business C.V.s.

This is great news for small business thinking of finally catching up with the rest of the planet and getting themselves a website.

But wait! No doubt you have questions about Prices and Packages and FREE stuff, who doesn’t. Here’s what to do. Watch the video below (that’s me by the way, Peter – should have shaved!), then read the rest of this post.

Off with you now, go on…

Cheap Websites Can Cut The Mustard

Okay, so you have a MySpace, or a Facebook account but when it comes to business that just will not cut the mustard.

Imagine exchanging business details with a potential customer or partner at a networking lunch. The guy/gal takes a look at your business card and where it should read http://www.mybusinesswebsite.com it reads, http://www.myspace.com/mikedooley125. That will be the last time you hear from that potential customer.

There are a couple of barriers to people getting a starter website for their business. Getting prices can be harder than finding gold on a sandy beach, and when you do you wonder which kidney you’ll have to sell to pay for it.

There is a solution, drum roll please: www.StarterWebsites.net.

Website Prices and Free Stuff

Lets start with the good stuff, PRICES! Prices start from €195 (check with a currency convert for the equivalent in your currency)

How about Free Stuff?
Free .com, .net, .biz, .org and Free hosting for 1 year.

How about Free Search Engine Optimization of your content as standard? How about a turnaround of 5 to 10 working days after you supply content?

Check out www.StarterWebsites.net for the full story.

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