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Seth Godin having a busy/bad day?

Who cares!

The point is that even on a busy/bad day Seth gets his posts out. He’s reduced his text to a title and and a few words in a post as follows:

“The more people you reach the more likely it is that you’re reaching the wrong people

Who vs. how many.”

Thanks for that Seth.

Now we can all sit around and speculate about Seth being a pure genius or just plain lazy. What’s important to pick up from his short post is the power of mailing lists. Yes, I probably would not have clicked the title of Seth’s post were it just another piece of noise floating around the internet. But because I subscribed to his blog I tend to give him a minute of my time (his blog is well worth signing up for!).

So the lesson for me is that mailing lists work and can work really well. Even when the list holder is being lazy, having a busy/bad day (and just trying to get his posts out) or a genius, which Seth may or may not be.

Another interesting lesson from Seth’s post is still to reveal itself to me. That is, will I pick up traffic from this trackback? To be honest I couldn’t give a hoot as my blog is all but fully neglected right now, but as an experiment it will be interesting to see the results.

Who know, if it does pick up some traffic I may even post about it tomorrow, should I live that long.

Just keep blogging! 🙂

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