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Improve Your Business And Others. Tips From The Experts And Your Humble Host

It’s Sunday, I’ll keep it short:

Read this, at least one idea can be applied to whatever it is you do: top experts dish with their best kept marketing secrets

Read this from Seth Godin, Last Interation. This post struck a cord with me (but not because I left anything in a mess, but because I decided to go beyond the scope of the work I was paid for. I had one more last interaction with customers – and will continue to do so!).

Here’s The Story

Recently I emailed a couple of new customers out of the blue (Sole traders, small start-up businesses mostly). I did it because they’re new to the web, just got their first websites from us and I thought they would find the information helpful.

The cost to me was a couple of minutes typing emails over the course of a week. The benefit to them is they got some useful information for free and maybe a sense that someone cares about how they get on in their brave new ventures.

The upshot? Well I haven’t made any additional sales on the back of what I did. However, I did receive very warm and appreciative emails from these guys. I’m going to reach out to these customers and others again. I know they will reach out to me too, when the time comes.

Just on the subject of small businesses: here’s to the people with the guts to give it a go. You have my respect.

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