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Time To Get Tough With Facebook Pests!

Everyday I’ve been getting facebook invites to this group or that or being nominated as a ‘trusted person’ or someone’s ‘top friend’. All from people I’ve never even exchanged a message or email with!

Okay, this is my own fault for ‘making friends’ with complete strangers on facebook, but we all do it, right?

Someone wants to be your friend (for whatever reason), sends a short message (if even that). You check out their profile, they don’t look too crazy and hey presto, you’re bussom buddies!

That’s fine, you add another scalp to the list of ‘friends’ and you go on with your life…

But then it begins.

An invite to a group that you wouldn’t join even under threat of violence. Then some ‘I love you friend, pass it on to ten people and make them feel warm’ type of mindless junk appears on your wall. Then the gifts start coming (facebook gifts, not like they actually put their hands in their pockets and bought something useful or anything – just a crap facebook gift).

Hey, don’t get me wrong, that’s nice coming from a facebook friend you actually exchanged corrispondence with but not from one of these “facebook is my life” pests!


I started today. I routed out my most annoying, persistently pesty facebook contact and sent her to the darkest regions of ‘you’re not my friend land and you never will be you bloody pest’ hell.

Already my inbox spam is down about 20%!

Here’s An Invite For Non-Pests

If you think we might be compatable as facebook friends then send me a friend request with a message. If you have no life outside of facebook don’t bother because you have too much time on your hands and likely to be a complete pest.

Back to work…

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