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Install Multiple Versions Of Internet Explorer On Your PC

Following on from an earlier post about testing your website design in multiple browsers, I thought something more targeted for IE 6 and lower would also be of use to some of you good folk.

Gerry, our technical director an all round good guy at New Odyssey sent me a link to this site today, http://tredosoft.com/Multiple_IE.

In short these guys have made an installer that you can use to download and install lots of versions of Internet Explorer on your PC without the sky falling in. It’s about 10Mbs to download and you can uncheck the browsers you don’t want to install.

So just look for the link “Download Multiple IE installer“, download and follow the instructions.

You’re done.

P.s. Just a quick note on browsershots.org (mentioned from my earlier post on the subject):

BrowserShots.org is a great piece of website development kit and I’m not suggesting that simply getting the multiple IE installer is the cure to all ills. It’ll just let you develop your sites faster for Internet Explorer 6 and lower. You’ll probably still want to check the look of your site in other browsers and browsershots.org is ideal for that.

Good luck!

  1. brenthodgson
    March 6, 2008 at 1:53 am

    This is handy for cross-browser testing of websites. (My site doesn’t work properly in IE7 with a tight screen width 😦 )

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