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Google Indexing – Content Or Links First

Google Indexing New Website

This is a quick post on Google indexing.

I have a new site, it’s on a sub-domain and has just turned up in the Google index for one page. I thought that page might be the home page or another page that has around 350/400 words but no. The page that showed first and fast (about four days natural indexing) is the links page. The links page has a single outbound link to a site that’s about a year old, PR 3.

So what’s the deal?

Other pages in the site that have lots of topic specific content and internal links have yet to be indexed. But this ‘afterthought’ of a page with a single outbound link is already position #6 in Google with 35k competition for the same keywords.

Seems to me Google is looking first at what sites we’re relating our content to before taking a closer look at the content itself.

I’ve added an outbound link to another page with very little content on it. It’ll be interesting to see if that page is next to be indexed.

I’ll keep you updated…

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