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Easy Web Site Optimisation – Tip 1

Header Tags, Bold Text and SEO

I’m instructing a client’s staff on basic SEO and find it best to explain the process as we go. This is an extract from a note I sent regarding the use of ‘H’ tags and bold, italic and underline text. HTH!

HTML tags are important from and SEO perspective as it marks heading text out as a kind of brief summary of the content that follows it.

By using HTML header tags you are saying my page is about this, this and this. The search bots then check the following text to see how it actually relates to the heading.

That’s why we bold, italic or underline the important text in the content. It makes it stand out to search bots as important and if relevant to the subject (usually mentioned in the header tag) they will index it for related searches.

Be Careful About Underlining.

People have come to recongise underlined text as links. If they click underlined text and it’s not a link they become confused about what is and is not a link on your page.

People don’t wait around on the Internet. If they have to think question what they already know there’s a good chance they will exit the site and not return.

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