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Lies Of Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs

March 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Lies Of Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs

I came across these posts today and thought they are worth sharing:

  1.  The Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs
  2. The Top Ten Lies of Venture Capitalists

Staying on the entrepreneurial theme, check out this video (Teenaged Tech Millionaires) of a couple of young Irish lads who have recently sold their ebay business idea for millions. Well done lads!

Get Passionate. Be Special – Business On The Edge

March 9, 2008 Leave a comment

I get ‘excited ‘when I read posts like this The Long Slide To Gone.

There’s a challenge in business that is shared by everyone of us.

Avoiding mediocrity.

The mentality that says “we’re no worse than our competitors”.

Some businesses start out mediocare, and that’s fine. We all start somewhere.

But if we’re to do something SPECIAL we have to get ‘PUMPED’ about our industry.

We have to turn our thinking around. We have got to get passionate about what we’re offering people.

What’s next?

How can we be better than everyone else?

How can we give more value to our clients?

Are we on the edge?

Before you enter the trenches for another week ask yourself those questions. Be the best you can be when you can be.

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Are You Too Busy?

March 5, 2008 1 comment

Sometimes being too selective is better than being too busy.

Recently we (New Odyssey) took on a project, the type of project that we just don’t want to do anymore.

Did it pay? Yes.
Was the client happy? Yes, delighted in fact.
But did it advance our business development? No.

We spent precious time on the type of work we need to leave behind in order to grow. It’s something that we’ve been aware of but this is the first time the scenario has presented itself in a while.

We failed to say, ‘Sorry, we don’t supply that service any more. Here’s the number of someone who may be able to help you’.

I’ve since been in touch with that client to ask them how their project is working out. I also informed them in the nicest possible way that we don’t provide that particular service anymore…but ‘there’s this guy I know who may be able to help you in the future’.

5 Easy Ways To Care For Your Clients Today

March 5, 2008 2 comments

What will you do today to make your clients feel valued?

Will you:

  • Give them some useful free advice ‘out of the blue’?
  • recommend a product or service that will make their lives easier?
  • get their project finished in double-quick time just to let them know you value them?
  • draw their attention to an event that might be of interest to them personally or to their business?
  • just ring them and ask if everything is okay, do they need advice or assistance with anything?

Sometimes when we’re snowed under with work it’s easy to forget the people that matter most. They’re the good folk who come to trust your work and value your opinion.

So take a few minutes out, choose one client and think what you can do today to make them feel valued?

Repeat tomorrow with another client and keep going…

Improve Your Business And Others. Tips From The Experts And Your Humble Host

January 27, 2008 Leave a comment

It’s Sunday, I’ll keep it short:

Read this, at least one idea can be applied to whatever it is you do: top experts dish with their best kept marketing secrets

Read this from Seth Godin, Last Interation. This post struck a cord with me (but not because I left anything in a mess, but because I decided to go beyond the scope of the work I was paid for. I had one more last interaction with customers – and will continue to do so!).

Here’s The Story

Recently I emailed a couple of new customers out of the blue (Sole traders, small start-up businesses mostly). I did it because they’re new to the web, just got their first websites from us and I thought they would find the information helpful.

The cost to me was a couple of minutes typing emails over the course of a week. The benefit to them is they got some useful information for free and maybe a sense that someone cares about how they get on in their brave new ventures.

The upshot? Well I haven’t made any additional sales on the back of what I did. However, I did receive very warm and appreciative emails from these guys. I’m going to reach out to these customers and others again. I know they will reach out to me too, when the time comes.

Just on the subject of small businesses: here’s to the people with the guts to give it a go. You have my respect.