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Set-up Email Accounts In Outlook Express

April 20, 2007 Leave a comment

Set-up A New Email Account In Outlook Express


It seems that quite often what technical people consider to be the simple tasks (“sure everyone knows how to do that!”) are overlooked in favour of the more complicated; leaving people who are not as technical scratching their heads. One of these overlooked tasks is adding a new email account to Outlook Express.


The scenario is as follows:

You’ve just had your new website designed and launched, you’re very pleased with the results and look forward to customers contacting you at the new email address(es) that your web developer has set-up for you. Your website developer has even instructed you about how you can create new email accounts in your hosting server so you can make new email accounts and delete old ones as staff and needs change.


However, you find it laborious and time-consuming having to access your new email accounts through your host or web mail and would much prefer to have your email land directly in your Outlook inbox. The following tutorial deals with each stage of setting up a new email account in Outlook Express.


(*Note: The follow instructions is for the fictional Mary White who owns website. You will exchange the characters name for one of your choice and website address for your organizations website address.)

  • In Outlook Express, on your main menu bar, click on ‘Tools’
  • From the Drop Menu select ‘Accounts’
  • The Internet Accounts dialogue box appears; click on ‘Add’ and select ‘mail’
  • Your Name: add your name
  • Click Next
  • Internet E-mail Address – add the following;
  • Click Next
  • E-mail Server Names – Incoming POP3:
  • Outgoing SMTP:
  • Click Next
  • Account name:
  • Password: (enter the same password that the email account was set-up with at your hosting server)
  • Check ‘Remember Password’
  • Click Next
  • Finish

Your email account is now set-up and working. You can email yourself to the new account address to ensure it is sending and receiving mail.

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