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Google Juice From Twitter?

April 24, 2008 Leave a comment

Will I Get Google Juice From Twitter?

A friend recently asked me “Will I get Google juice from Twitter?”

Good questions. Here’s my thoughts…

Twitter For Juice And Traffic

I think tweeting your own new pages helps with Google indexing of those pages.

If you have enough twitter followers you’re bound to pick up traffic too and the Google juice will probably increase accordingly.

The more twitter friends you make the more people will automaticlly follow you. Most people like to be nice.

And the more people that follow you the higher the potential traffic you might be able to extract from your twitter network.

If you’re looking for twitter traffic to increase Google juice, getting lots of twitter friends might be the best thing to do.

Twitter For Research

If you’re following people you want to learn from keep your twitter friend list short. If you’re using twitbin you can only see so many twits at a time so choose your guru carefully.

Using twitter this way will keep you up-to-date with industry news that you’re interested in.

You’ll also get plenty of inspiration for blog posts – if that’s something that you do.

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