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Are You A Smart Twitt?

March 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Why Twitter?

Watch this short video to find out…

Another good reason to twitter is to keep an eye on what leaders in your industry are doing. You’ll get all the latest software, marketing and business tips, news and reviews by following the people who are at the top of your industry.

If you have a lot of fans (lets say your a blogging guru or similar), then you can encourage your fans to follow you on twitter. That means when you twitt your latest blog post, or affiliate programme (or whatever) your visitors will be notified almost instantly.

So, don’t be fooled, twitter may look like a light-weight web app but in reality it is one of the most powerful social media networking tools out there.

I’ll post a full review of twitter in the near future outlining the many other advantages it offers to the smart twitt! Stay tuned.

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MySpace YourSpace?

July 1, 2007 Leave a comment

MySpace logo

Despite criticism from some web standards evangelists, is one of those community on-line resources that throws up more than the occasional gem.

Background to this post

My wife and I are working with our neighbours and friends on a project to ultimately set-up an internationally recognised school of art in our little village. This year we are organizing a arts and cultural festival for the week ending with the August bank holiday weekend to help highlight the future Art school in Annascaul, Co. Kerry. The festival ends with a day long music festival being held in the Connor /Crean Centre in Annascaul Village. We’re really pleased that our team member (Vinnie Flynn) has lined up some extremely talented up-and-coming bands for the River Of Shadows, Annascaul Music festival.

This is the ‘tip’ of this post:

Before the Internet you’d have to look for these bands demos or debut releases in small music stores and friend’s underground collections; but now you don’t have to search, beg copies or simply believe me when I say these bands really are the cream of new Irish bands. Now you can just listen to their music and decide for yourself thanks to free web spaces  on the likes of

Here’s three bands from the line-up playing on the day. Why not have a listen to them as you read the rest of this post? (Delorentos are headlining.)

delorentos Irish Rock Band

Thanks to myspace these bands have a free web platform that can be visually customized as they see fit. They get to plug-in to a vibrant community that wants to share the treasures they’ve found on-line with their friends and their friend’s friends. This is a powerful platform for bands and other groups, individuals, organizations and businesses.

Here’s what MySpace has to say about itself:

[MySpace is an on-line community that lets you meet your friends’ friends.

Create a private community on MySpace and you can share photos, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends!

See who knows who, or how you are connected. Find out if you really are six people away from Kevin Bacon.]

MySpace – What’s In It For You?

Could you benefit from a presence on MySpace or similar community social networking sites? If you’re in a band I’d say the answer is yes. There’s plenty of other disciplines represented on MySpace, is yours one of them? If not, be the first!

Want Some Free Tickets To See the Delorentos?

Hopefully you’ve listened to a couple of tracks from those bands I mentioned above. Now do you believe me when I say they’re good? BTW, here’s a little info on the Music Festival in Annascaul 2007, more details added soon, plus a chance to win some free tickets to see the Delorentos!

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