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Buying A Website – Big Spender Or Bootstrapper?

May 27, 2011 Leave a comment

When it comes to buying a website what is your attitude to budget? There can be two extreme spending approaches to buying websites, they are the ‘big spenders’ and the ‘bootstrapper’.

web design IrelandThe Big Spenders:
Let’s have a look at the ‘big spenders first’. There are two type of people who fit this profiles. The first group are the people who believe that if the website does not cost them a lot of money, there must be something wrong with it, or it’s just not good enough. The more they spend the happier they are, in a way. They will probably have a niggling feeling in the back of their minds that maybe a lower cost site would have been just as good, though they will never admit this to others or even themselves. These people have to spend money, and good news for them, there are plenty of web studios out there only too happy to oblige them fulfil their spending desires.

The second group of ‘big spenders’ are people who work for a fair sized company. They are given a generous budget to spend and if it’s not all spent, there next budget is likely to be cut. So, spend they must, and spend they do. I dare say these are a rarer breed in light of the current economic client, but there’s still bound to be some around.

The problem with ‘big spenders’ is they often pay way above the odds for their website. With advancements in web authoring technology, even budget websites can pack a serious punch and deliver as many options and features as their more expensive counterparts.

The Bootstrapper:
Bootstrappers are the other side of they coin. They often think a business website will cost a fortune and their small start-up business cannot afford to take the hit to capital. So instead of getting a good low cost site they either keep putting off getting a site or just use Facebook or similar social media pages. The truth is that for a few hundred down, they could have a powerful content management site with all the update tools and features they could dream of.

Contacting a web designer that provides excellent value and excellent web design packages could be the first step to really taking advantage of the Internet for business purposes. Bootstrappers need to keep tight reins of their marketing budget, so a good web designer will provide a fixed quote for them with a clear outline of what is included in the job.

So whether you are a ‘Big Spender’ or a ‘Spendthrift’, you’ll most likely find that a good budget website design will fulfil your budget requirements and your online business needs.

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