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20 Free Links Directories

April 9, 2008 1 comment

Submit Your Web Site To 20 Free Links Directories

The following are a list of 20 free link directories that you can submit your website links to. They are all high page ranked (two are PR 6, about four are PR 4, the rest are PR 5).

Some Link Directory Submission Tips

Don’t over do it with keywords stuffing or your submission will be rejected.

Remember to select the correct link category, the one nearest related to your web site subject.

There is usually an option to submit for a FREE link with NO reciprocal links. If you only have the option to submit for a paid link or in exchange for a reciprocal link you might want to just move on the the next site.

It’s up to you.

More Link Building Strategy

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Results – 30 Minute Backlinks

March 7, 2008 4 comments

Yes. I Believe 30 Minute Backlinks Works…

I said I’d follow up with my findings after using 30 minute backlinks. This post has been updated, go to the bottom to see edits.

First off I just want to let folk know that I’m not a serial buyer of Internet marketing products (much to the frustration of many an internet marketer no doubt!).

Besides 30 minute backlinks the only other product I ever bought was an ebook about flipping websites.

Another point worth making is I only followed ONE tutorial on 30 minute backlinks. I haven’t had the time to watch the rest of the videos or explore the membership site. Come to think of it, I couldn’t tell you what the complete package contains. Yikees!

Moving on…

A couple of months back we launched a new website and after an initial ‘hurrah!’ with a Google position #1 for my target keyphrase, the page and site in question dropped to page four within a couple of days. This has happened many a time to my new websites that have highly SEO’d pages and a handful of good links suddenly turning up in the Google search index. So it was no surprise when the site dropped like a lead weight.

That’s when the hard work really begins.

A combination of late nights, patients and perseverance saw a change in fortunes. The website was starting the long climb from obscurity to page two #11 in Google. Still, might as well have been on page 1000 for all the use it is to me there. A bit more work and finally I broke through to #10 on page one.

Great. But after a couple of weeks of switching between position #10 and #11 I was ready for a new solution. I went looking for some inspiration and came across 30 minute backlinks. Like I said, I’m not one for buying every Internet marketers pitch but against my better judgement I decided to take the leap. At least if it didn’t work it would be an excuse for me never to buy such products again, having been hurt before.

I put aside an evening to build and submit one of the projects. Five days later something wonderful happened. My site was fluctuating between position #5 and #6 in Google. How much of this breakthrough (it really is a breakthrough!) can I attrubute to 30 minute backlinks?

It’s hard to say as there might have been other influences as a result of earlier work I’d done that was just taking effect. To be honest though, I believe 30 minute backlinks played a major part in pushing my site up the ranks.

I’m going to sit on my hands for a couple of weeks and NOT work on the website, just to see if it can hold its current position – right now it’s #6.

¬†Update Update Update Update …

A few days ago my website has moved up to position #5 in Google for the related key phrase I’m aiming for. The competition for the top four slots are going to be tough to move. All the sites are older than mine (#1 is 1998!), they all have more pages and equal or hire PR (which I’m not sure really matters these days – unless you’re selling links).

I’m going to give it another week without doing any work on the website. If I’m still at #5 after a week or so (hopefully I’ll remain in that position at least) I’ll go back to 30 minute backlinks and see what the other tutorials have to offer.

I’ve an overall strategy for this niche (it’s hardly a niche it’s sooo competitive) but that won’t come into play until I’m satisified I’ve seen all that 30 minute backlinks has to offer. So far so good.

Check out 30 minute backlinks for yourself.

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How To Rank Fast In Google

February 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Discover How To Get Fast Google Ranking!

It’s not unusual for new websites to take weeks or even months to rank in Google.

But why wait when you don’t have to?

A ‘testing’ site that I launched two years ago took months before it showed in searches. I’ve learned a lot since then and know from experience that ‘there’s a hard way and an easy way’ to get your website indexed quickly in Google.

Here’s the easy way… Michelle McPhearson’s 30 Minute Backlinks.

Google Position #5 In three Days!

See for yourself the amazing results that can be achieved with this easy to use powerful backlinks building programme:

I’ve got great results using Michelle’s 30 Minute Backlinks techniques so far (It did take me a little longer than 30 minutes but not much, I’m a bit slow – anyway the results are amazing!).

I’ll be posting more about my findings shortly but for now check out Michelle’s 30 Minute Backlinks and jump Google’s indexing waiting list!